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If you know us here at Bambalan we love a good party. Get the drinks flowing, the music playing and the good times rolling and it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the festive season is one of our favourite times of the year!


With space for groups of all sizes and plenty of room for big bookings we’re the perfect spot for festive team lunches, that annual get-together with friends and family or that big blow out office party and with a reputation for throwing some of the best terrace parties in town you know you’re in for a good time with us this party season.

Our vibrant and spacious restaurant has capacity for up to 250 guests, offering delicious Mediterrannean inspired food perfect for sharing and for bigger parties we can offer specially created nibbles for drinks receptions or tasty buffets for your guests to dig into. For larger parties our entire venue, including our stunning covered winter terrace, can be hired for up to 400 people complete with exclusive use of the terrace, both bars, DJ booth and complete flexibility to create the ultimate party for you and your guests.

Look no further for your Christmas party this year! To find out more about hosting your party at Bambalan this festive season, contact our team at 0117 922 1880 or email at Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks





Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

Join us for a night of amazing food from two of Bristol’s finest foodie exports at our Bake Off vs Masterchef Pop Up Dinner!
Our bright and central location is the perfect place if you want to catch some early-summer rays on our terrace with a cocktail in hand, or a big game of ping-pong before all trying to squeeze into our photobooth. Whatever time of day, Bambalan is the place to be this Mother’s Day.
Taking place at Bambalan on Sunday 28th April this very special dinner will see Buy Alprazolam In Australia‘s Briony Williams and Order Alprazolam‘s Generic Ambien Pill come together to create a delicious three course dinner, in collaboration with our chefs at Bambalan. Expect a specially created mouthwatering Mediterranean inspired feast, served up alongside Bambalan’s brand new Summer cocktail and hosted by Briony and Dean themselves. The menu for the night will include:
Mezze sharing board
Harissa spiced meatballs
Sweet potato falafels
Merguez sausages braised in red wine
Hummus and flatbreads
Rotisserie Celeriac, green Harissa, dill labne, pistachio rice pilaf (V)
Spice rubbed slow cooked shoulder of lamb, zhoug dressing
Served with Batata harra (spiced roast potatoes) and roasted root vegetables
Beetroot spiced brownie with tahini ice cream
Sesame and almond biscotti
There are only a limited number of tickets available and with two of Bristol’s most famous food and drink faces behind it this event is sure to be a popular one – you can book your tickets by contacting Bambalan at hola@bambalan.co.uk or calling 0117 9221880.

Buy Phentermine Canada Online

Order Valium Online Canada

Whatever the weather outside come and celebrate New Year like it’s 1983 with our New Year Tropicana Party! It’s always summer at Bambalan, so we’ll be getting totally tropical to see out 2017, bringing you the ultimate New Year party, filled with great food, cocktails and tunes all night, and you can join us for just £35.

Starting at 6:30pm we’ll be kicking off with fizz on arrival, before sitting down to a delicious Mediterranean inspired party feast, perfect for big groups and sharing. We’ll be creating a special cocktail menu for the evening and come 9pm we’ll be pushing back the tables, turning up the volume and dancing until the small hours!

Tickets are just £35 and include a cocktail on arrival, 4 courses and all night entertainment, so why not round up your friends, dig out your best tropical get up and come and celebrate New Year at Bambalan this year?

Buy Raw Alprazolam, email Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks or give us a call on 0117 922 1880.

After party tickets!

Want to come and party with us but don’t fancy a big dinner first? No problem – join us at the bar from 8pm for our New Year Tropicana Party for just £10!

We’ll treat you a specially created New Year Tropicana cocktail on arrival and you’ll then get to dance the night away to the sounds of our DJs until 1am.

Buy Genuine Phentermine.


Buy Xanax Agora

See out the last Bank Holiday of the Summer with Bambalan, at our Bottomless Bank Holiday Barbecue!


Join us on Sunday 27th August for a family-friendly daytime party filled with unlimited food, great drinks, summer sounds from our DJs and tonnes of laid back fun for everyone. For just £20* you’ll be able to tuck into a bottomless barbecue buffet and what’s more, kids under 12 eat for free! You’ll be able to enjoy a hearty selection of our signature salads, freshly barbecued chicken, lamb and halloumi kebabs, kid friendly dishes and some delicious desserts. Our bottomless barbecue will run from 1-6pm, meaning you’ve got a full five hours to fill yourselves up!


Come rain or shine we’ll make sure you’re well watered and well entertained (as well as well fed!), with some great discounts on our cocktails, pitchers and soft drinks and all day music from our house DJs. Plus we’ll have plenty to keep the little ones (and the big ones!) entertained with ping pong and table football.


Buy Adipex P Canada

Buy Xanax

Since opening in 2016, Bambalan has become a firm favourite on the Bristol food and drink scene. Known for its vibrant, fresh food, drink and decor, Bambalan is bringing you something just a little different for Christmas 2017!


Bambalan can cater to parties of all sizes, from small team lunches to full venue bookings. We’re passionate about great tasting, freshly prepared food, all created to share, and our Christmas menu will be full of of mouthwatering dishes designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Taking inspiration from our Middle Eastern inspired menu our Christmas offering is perfectly suited for anyone looking to enjoy something punchy, exciting and bursting with flavour.


  • Maximum capacity: 200 guests
  • Suitable for: Lunch, dinner, drinks or exclusive hire
  • Hire fee: Minimum spend for exclusive bookings, no hire fee for non-exclusive parties


Our team are here to ensure your Christmas party goes off without a hitch, so to find out more about how you can celebrate in Bambalan style this festive period drop us a line at hola@bambalan.co.uk or contact us on 0117 9221880.