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Since opening in 2016, Bambalan has become a firm favourite on the Bristol food and drink scene. Known for its vibrant, fresh food, drink and decor, Bambalan is bringing you something just a little different for Christmas 2017!


Bambalan can cater to parties of all sizes, from small team lunches to full venue bookings. We’re passionate about great tasting, freshly prepared food, all created to share, and our Christmas menu will be full of of mouthwatering dishes designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Taking inspiration from our Middle Eastern inspired menu our Christmas offering is perfectly suited for anyone looking to enjoy something punchy, exciting and bursting with flavour.


  • Maximum capacity: 200 guests
  • Suitable for: Lunch, dinner, drinks or exclusive hire
  • Hire fee: Minimum spend for exclusive bookings, no hire fee for non-exclusive parties


Our team are here to ensure your Christmas party goes off without a hitch, so to find out more about how you can celebrate in Bambalan style this festive period drop us a line at or contact us on 0117 9221880.